Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my session?

To provide clients with the very best customer service and personal attention, Lynsey Noel Photography accepts a limited number of sessions per month. Consider contacting Lynsey Noel Photography at least one-two weeks ahead of your anticipated session. Advance reservations are strongly recommended during holiday seasons. Lifestyle newborn sessions may be booked with a few days notice! Weddings should ideally be booked at least 12 months ahead of time but availability varies so please don’t hesitate to contact LNP if you are in need of a last minute photographer.

How do I book my session?

Text Lynsey at 570-498-9922 or email to chat details. We’ll set a date, time, and location that work for us all & get the ball rolling. Your session fee is due within 72 hours of booking. Lynsey will send your session fee invoice via Paypal or Square.

For weddings: Please contact Lynsey to schedule a Facetime consult! When you’re ready to book, your signed contract wit a 20% retainer is required to hold your wedding date.

What should we wear?

Coordinate. No need to break-out a family uniform of white shirts and jeans. Time to be unique, showcase who you are individually as well as a family. Lots of layers, textures, fun patterns and accessories make outfits more fun. Leave the large logos at home as they can be distracting. Stick with colors that will grab your attention. If you go with lighter, more neutral colors, please add some bright color to make your photos really pop!

Do we need to bring anything?

You can bring anything you’d like to incorporate into your photo session. Lynsey likes to keep each session “uniquely you” so feel free to bring any props that coordinate with your photo session. For outdoor sessions: it’s encouraged you bring a blanket so we can try some fun poses that require us to get down on the ground.

Do you provide hair + makeup?

No, however, Lynsey Noel Photography has amazing teams that are all wonderful to work with!
Hair + Makeup Suggestions: Makeup by Roxy, The Color Bar Salon, Candy Rose Events, and The 411 Studio

How much does it cost?

Please click the “Investment” tab for detailed pricing about your session. Print prices start at $8. There is no minimum print order. You can purchase 100 or none. LOL but most clients end up purchasing the digital downloads with photo release.

Is the session fee a separate cost?

Yes, your session fee covers Lynsey’s time, talent, and photographic eye. Digital downloads and prints are available to purchase separately.

Where do we go?

Lynsey Noel Photography has a BRAND NEW photography studio in Scott Township, PA. It sits on 8 acres with a beautiful, private pond in the back! Lynsey loves shooting on-location. We can shoot in your backyard, at your favorite park, or any other unique place you have in mind. Traveling is complimentary within lackawanna county. Lynsey can suggest some wonderful locations if you do not have a place in mind. We can also shoot inside at a location of your choice. If you’d like to shoot inside your home, Lynsey can bring her equipment to you! For specific prices and additional traveling fees, please use the “contact me” menu to request a custom price.

But it’s not sunny enough..

Oh yes it is! 🙂 Overcast days provide beautifully soft, even lighting. Clouds act as a natural diffuser of the sunlight, limiting harsh shadows. Overcast days are Lynsey’s absolute favorite day to shoot outdoors. Let’s take advantage of this ideal situation!

Oh no! The forecast is calling for rain.

No worries. We’ll simply reschedule for an upcoming date. But Lynsey is always up for a challenge if you’d like to seize the day and throw on some rain boots on and grab an umbrella!

What if someone gets sick?

If your child becomes ill, please call and reschedule at least 12 hours in advance. If you cancel or do not show, your session fee will be forfeited.

Do you have any important photo session tips?

YESSSSSSS!!! Your images will last a lifetime! 🙂 Look good = feel good. Don’t forget to have your nails done, fresh hair, nicely trimmed beards, clothes pressed/steamed + ready to roll! We have a hanging rack at the studio where you can hang your garments. For some reason people ALWAYS forget shoes to coordinate with your outfit! Don’t forget to cover those puppies up! However, bare foot is so beautiful. Accessories rule! We also suggest hair and makeup services for portrait sessions.

May I purchase a gift card for a friend?

You sure can! Lynsey offers gift cards in any amount.

Message, if you are interested. (add this as a link that directly goes to email me!)

What type of equipment do you use?

Lynsey is a Nikon gal. No, she won’t be able to give you camera pointers during your session! LOL However, a handful of local photographers offer mentoring sessions. Lynsey can point you in the right direction if you’d like to learn more!

What happens next?

After your photo session has ended, Lynsey will spend many hours in her digital darkroom perfecting your images after your session, you will receive your password via email to access your private online gallery, which you may share with friends and family, allowing you to order conveniently from your home without “In Person Sales” pressure. Your gallery will stay active for 30 days. After 30 days, your gallery will expire. If you’d like to view/order your images on the same day as your session, a $75 rush fee will apply. Wedding editings rush charge is $700 for a 1 week turnaround.

Do you deliver every image you photograph?

For every session Lynsey hand picks and chooses what images will make the cut. Blinking and blurry images are purged. If Lynsey has images that are similar, she will crop them differently or add different photo effects to give them a different feel! 🙂 Lynsey always OVER delivers! haha You will NOT be disappointed with your image count! 🙂

Wait! I have acne. I hate my nose. My arm looks big, I have some stray hairs, my eyes brows need plucking. Can you fix this?

The answer depends. Lynsey is able to do all sorts of tricks in photoshop. She will happily alter your photos. Editing starts at $15/per image. If you have a bump/bruise/blemish/or scar, she has no problem fixing that. Some stray hairs, however, are hard to edit especially if you want her to edit hundreds of hairs. If you have an additional editing request, please contact me prior to placing your order. Once your images are corrected to your liking, she will re-upload them to your private gallery. Additional editing pricing may apply as per request.

Help! I'm not photogenic at allllllllll!

Psh! Yes, you are! With 10 years experience as a photographer, and extensive modeling experience, Lynsey will guide you through the best poses and angles to achieve the best results. She has lots of trickkks up her sleeve to make kiddos, laugh, too! However, she does not guarantee smiles. Even the best of us have our cranky days! haha

Can I check out my photos during the session?

Sure! Why not?! Lynsey will totally show you the back of my camera, prior to professional retouching! Lynsey is confident and comfortable with her style to share lil previews BEFORE the editing begins! <3

Whats the difference between ordering prints through you or printing them on my own using the digital downloads I purchased?

All of her prints are corrected for color, saturation, density and are printed on professional paper, which will remain vibrant 100 years in direct sunlight or 200 years in a drawer. Lynsey Noel Photography cannot guarantee the quality of prints if they have not been printed through Lynsey’s photo lab, as some photo labs have automatic color correction.

Will you post my images on social media?

With your permission, Lynsey may post 1 of her favorite images online. However, this is not guaranteed. You are welcome to buy the digital downloads with a photo release which will allow you to post them online, print on your own, use to create photo albums, and anything else you’d like!

Am I allowed to post my images online and social media if I purchase the digital downloads?

YES! PLEASE! PLEASE! Share the images anywhere you’d like! We would love if you could tag @lynseynoelphotography & #lynseynoelphotography

I'm using this session as a gift. Will anyone else see it?

Nope. Lynsey keeps all sessions private. Lynsey will only post images online with permission from clients. Second photographers will only be present if hired to work with me as a second photographer at a wedding or an event. If you are booking a cake smash or a mini session, her assistant, Allie, will be there to help!

I want to share my finished gallery with friends and family, is this possible?

Yes. You will receive a link and a password to view your private gallery. If you’d like to share your gallery with friends and family, simply forward your link and password.

Do you create custom photo albums?

Yes. Lynsey creates photo albums, wedding albums, and portfolio albums for aspiring models. The images are printed directly on the paper. No inserts! She will email the finished album upon completion for you to review. Any additional changes will be applied upon request. Professional Albums start at $1299.

Do you make invitations and other greeting cards?

We do not. However, Lynsey Noel Photography can point you in the direction of an amazing graphic designer who can create a masterpiece for you!
When you book with Lynsey, she will send you another detailed FAQ sheet with more tips + detailed directions to the studio!